The best of the best! The most reliable and responsive remote control on the market and a lightweight lithium battery. Made with the most durable and highest quality materials available. Z-series makes your walking golf experience better than ever!

Free Shipping on any accessories you purchase with your new Z-series! Be sure to checkout the space-saving CaddieStand (last image in the slideshow) which stores your caddie to a compact 51 inches high by 30 inches wide by 17 inches deep.
CaddieStand page

Z-series Remote Control Caddie
Made in USA

Take control of your game!

battery sold separately
$2254 free shipping


- free extreme slope wheel
- beverage holder
- scorecard holder
- sturdy mount for optional umbrella stand

52 inches (long) x 30 inches (wide) x 38 inches (high)

Requires lithium battery (sold separately) click here to learn more

Choose between standard 16 Amp-Hour CaddyCell Battery (5 pounds) or bigger 22 Amp-Hour CaddyCell battery (7 pounds) (both include a free charger - $20 value) :
Standard 16 AH: $241 Upgraded 22 AH: $329
USB port only available for 16 AH battery


  • Best steering of any electric caddie. Dedicated motor turns front wheel. Automatically re-centers.
  • Ergonomic and responsive handheld transmitter for simple remote steering.
  • All remote electronics stored in streamlined and durable Z-box. Easily removable for repair.
Push-Button Release Wheels
  • Simple push button for easy removal.
  • Switch to free-wheeling mode with ease.
  • Polyurethane foam tires. Grippier, more resistant to UV rays, and four times better wear than rubber.
CaddyCell Lithium Battery
  • Weighs less than 5 lbs. and recharges quickly!
  • Controlled by Battery Management System to avoid over charging, balance cells and give long trouble free life.
  • USB outlet allows you to charge your moblie device while on course.
  • Click here for more information.
Photo link to Z-series quick start guide
Photo link to 2019 Z-series promotional video