After your round of golf, this battery recharges fast, within several hours, using the special CaddyCell charger. Never use another charger designed for some other battery.

You’ll observe it won’t self-discharge before your next round. After recharge to full capacity, your CaddyCell battery will remain ready-to-go for three months. If you won’t use the battery for longer than three months: Charge immediately after your last round. Unplug and remove the charger. Then recharge just before your next round to maximize life of the battery.

Lithium batteries discharge steadily, then “die” with virtually no warning. This is unlike your Kangaroo gel deep cycle or an AGM battery, where your weak battery may continue to function.

Always go out to play golf with your CaddyCell battery fully charged. Recharge even after you’ve played 9 holes.

Your charger shouldn’t be left on indefinitely, after recharge is complete. This isn’t dangerous, but leaving charger plugged into wall current will impair longevity of your charger.

Like any other battery, service life is less if you let it sit discharged. Always recharge right after you’ve played golf. If you use your CaddyCell battery for recharging your phone or mobile device at the course, recharge the battery at home as soon as possible.

Your little CaddyCell charger is super-easy to use: Plug it in and battery is ready for 18 holes when green light comes on.

To charge CaddyCell Ferro-phosphate lithium battery:

  1. Recharge immediately after every round, even when you’ve played fewer than 18 holes.
  2. Connect battery to charger port, then plug into wall socket.
  3. Verify red light is on, which shows charging has started.
  4. Battery fully charged when red light turns green.
  5. Okay to leave battery on after recharging is complete, but don’t leave charging indefinitely. Remains ready for 18 holes up to 12 weeks.
  6. Unplug charger from wall socket, in case of power-surge.

Recharge indoors on hard surface. May be used, without transformer, to either North American 120V or European 240V wall sockets.
Don’t dispose of battery or charger in landfills.