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Benefits of CaddyCell's New Ferro-Phosphate Technology:

Conventional lithium-ion batteries (often marketed for Asian or European motorcaddies) are made with Cobalt Oxides, which have well-known safety issues for transport and storage. At high temperature, “thermal runaway” of their flammable electrolyte is possible, especially in the hot trunk of an automobile. The element Cobalt has serious disposal problems as an environmental hazard, and it’s a carcinogen.

CaddyCell lithium battery
CaddyCell lithium battery on Kangaroo

CaddyCell batteries have no cobalt oxides. Stable lithium-ferro-phosphate occurs naturally in the mineral Triphylite, but thanks to chemists at University of Texas-Austin and in Canada and France, this compound now can be formulated for a battery-cell cathode. Anode is carbon. A miniature electronic “manager” is inside each CaddyCell battery to monitor and balance its cells.

Practical benefits include:

  • higher power density than conventional lithium
  • long cycle lifetimes
  • Controlled by Battery Management System to avoid over charging, balance cells and give long trouble free life