CaddyCell lithium battery

CaddyCell with black fabric carry case and secure carry-handle. CaddyCell charger plugs into port on side of the battery for easy charging.

CaddyCell lithium battery attached to Z-series via anderson connection

Fits new Z-series, along with electronics Z-box, in the battery tray.

CaddyCell lithium battery  connection

Special connector port eliminates crocodile clips to your Z-series.
CaddyCell logo

The Better Lithium Battery with advanced Ferro-Phosphate technology

In USA and Canada, exclusively from Kangaroo

Want the much lighter-weight and faster-recharge of lithium?

Weighs less than 5 lbs. and recharges quickly!

Best of all, you'll achieve more golf rounds than with heavier gel batteries.

Added benefit is its USB charger port. Plug in your phone to recharge!

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*CaddyCell battery is only compatible with Z-series golf caddies.

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