Remote Model

Z-series is the best remote control golf caddy on the market. Features ergonomic remote, lightweight lithium battery, autobrake, and quick release wheels. Innovative remote guidance system is responsive and easy to use.

Kangaroo Z-series caddy

Non-remote Model

Kangaroo Vortex features advanced autobraking and a lightweight lithium battery that make your walking golf experience a breeze. Enjoy all the health benefits of walking with none of the hassle of using a push cart.

Kangaroo Vortex caddy

Golfstream Electric

Kangaroo Golfstream is a lightweight electric caddie, folds with the press of a button. Imported from the UK, Golfstream's straightforward features and streamlined design make your golf game fun and effortless.

Kangaroo Golfstream Caddy

America's most trusted
for walking golfers

Kangaroo Golf is the premier manufacturer of remote control caddies and electric caddies for walking golfers. Enjoy healthy exercise and improve your game without the hassle of carrying your bag. Founded in North Carolina in 1970, we pride ourselves in building powerful and dependable carts that perform great on any course, and keep performing for years and years. It’s time to experience the difference a Kangaroo can make in your golf game.